The printing inks which we use in the production do not contain any ozone depleting chemicals as described in the Montreal Convention. Also, the inks are free from hydrocarbons which have adverse effect on environment and are totally RoHS compliant. Vegetable Base Inks printed tags are also available on demand.


We provide 100% Cotton and TPU labels to our customers which have superior adhesion properties and a better alternative of stain and taffeta tapes. These tapes are OEKO-TEX certified and tape manufacturer certificate is available on demand.

We have stopped the use of Petrol and Diesel vehicles. Hence, all our vehicles which are used for the transportation of raw material and good are equipped with CNG.

Organic cotton, bamboo & recycled polyester are our foremost choices when it comes to fabric as they do emit less or no carbon footprints, we also push brands to use FSCĀ® and post-consumer waste papers.